Top Hip Hop Clothing Brands

2010 looks to be another breakout year for Urban Clothing. Even in tough economic times, feeling your best is priceless and looking your best is a top priority. These days, women can almost wear anything that is cute and if its name brand then it would be a plus but for men it always has to be name brand. With so many hip hop clothing brands in the market today and many more new brands on the rise, there will be no shortage of products to choose from anytime soon. Lets take a look at some of Urban Clothing’s top hip hop clothing brands of 2010.Rocawear remains a favorite hip hop clothing brand that offers urban clothing, accessories and now fragrances for men, women and children. This dominant lifestyle hip hop clothing brand has maintained focus in providing clever innovation in fabrication and design to all its customers, proving that it is still one of the top name brands in the industry. With a fresh eye and a playful attitude to women’s urban fashion, the Dereon collection has gained much popularity in recent years by offering some of the hottest clothing, jewelry and handbags for women. The style and concept is inspired by three generations of women in singer Beyonce’s family, with the name “DerĂ©on” paying tribute to Beyonce’s grandmother. With hot new styles being marketed around huge stars in Jay Z (Rocawear) and Beyonce (Dereon), these two hip hop clothing brands will continue to have a big impact on urban fashion for years to come.Two more powerhouses in the hip hop clothing game are Sean John and Apple Bottoms. Apple Bottoms is a unique women’s urban fashion brand that was founded under the quote “A woman should not try to fit the clothes; the clothes should fit the woman” by multi-platinum superstar Nelly. Beside the popular Apple Bottoms jeans that are worn by many celebrities such as Oprah and Vivica Fox, Apple Bottoms also offers accessories, footwear and fragrance that will leave you looking and feeling your best. Sean “Diddy” Combs is the mastermind behind the sophisticated urban clothing brand Sean John. By offering some of the best clothing, accessories and fragrances for men, Sean John has quickly grown from an urban label to an international brand that you can find in top hip hop clothing stores. With Apple Bottoms going into its seventh year and Sean John reaching its twelfth, these two major hip hop clothing brands are here to stay.The hip-hop fashion world completely changed with the emergence of Baby Phat and Coogi. Baby Phat is one of the most popular women’s clothing brands that offer unique clothing, accessories, lingerie, handbags and footwear. With the over the top personal style of founder Kimora Lee Simmons, the Baby Phat collection has a reputation that the world cannot seem to get enough of. Popularized in the U.S. as urban hip hop wear, Coogi fashion is known for its colorful knitwear that demands attention and will have all eyes on you. Coogi produces a wide range of urban t-shirts, jeans and jackets for men, women and children that you can also find in top hip hop clothing stores.Gino Green Global creates garmental uniform for everyday people and with its signature 3 9’s (3 lower case g’s that represent the brands name) Gino Green Global remains a huge favorite in men’s urban clothing. You can find Gino Green Global clothing in some of the best urban clothing stores. Ed Hardy Clothing is brought to life by the creative genius of designer Christian Audigier and painter, printmaker and tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy. With legendary status among the tattoo community, Don Ed Hardy’s creations for the Ed Hardy Clothing line offer genuine and one-of-a-kind tees and footwear that meld American, Japanese, Cholo, tattoo, surf and hotrod iconography.Next are two of the most creative brands of urban clothing in the industry today with many devotees. LRG Clothing (Lifted Research Group) designs clothes that represent a variety of influences and tend to be a reflection of the environment. Since 1999 LRG Clothing has provided urban clothing and accessories exclusively for men but in recent years have also launched a women and children’s division as well. When you’re speaking of urban wear you have to think Akademiks. Akademiks was popularized in 2001 by Brooklyn rapper Fabolous who wore Akademiks clothing on the inside cover of his debut album Ghetto Fabolous. Along with a large variety of men’s, women and kids urban clothing, Akademiks also offers women’s handbags and accessories.There are many more brands for the street savvy consumer to choose from that offer urban clothing for both men and women such as Adidas, Nike, Enyce, Pelle Pelle, Pepe Jeans, G-Unit, Avirex, DKNY, Azzure, Girbaud, Southpole, Timberland, Bebe, Ecko Unlimited, Marc Ecko and Ecko Red. With style constantly changing, clothing brands diversify every year looking for new innovative ways to stay on top. The constant need of “the next big thing” presents great young hip hop clothing designers new challenges for the future.