Dog Clothes – Is Pink the Only Option When Choosing Dog Clothes?

Pink Dog Clothing is often the first choice of many little dog breed owners. Or is it? Many people assume that PINK is the one color that will make their little pooch look cute. OK, this may very well be true for some owners, but not all tiny dog owners fit the Pink Demographic or stereotype often associated with this choice of color. Without stating the obvious not all small breed dog owners are female or fall in to a particular sexual category often associated with the color pink.Your little dog can look just as cute in a black tuxedo or dog sweater it’s all a matter of co-ordination. The best way to look at this is in the same way people dress their kids, some do look cute in pink but with the right color combination your kids will look fantastic in almost any color. The same can be said for your tiny doggie friend, it’s all a matter of taste and fashion.The range of clothing and accessories for dogs is ever growing, it’s surprising what you can now buy for your pets. Shop around and you will find some fantastic alternatives, Pink is a great color but think outside the box, or should I say look inside the “Paint Box” you will find many colors if you mix and match.The final word on pink, pink is a considered a safe color it’s also claimed that it has calming qualities, but research shows that prolonged exposure to the color pink can have an opposite effect. Does this matter to the dog I hear you ask, dogs are color blind aren’t they, so does color matter to the dog, the choice is yours.